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New window installation has never been easier in Greeley, CO! Greeley Window Company provides you with the best window and door replacement service in Northern Colorado.

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Are you looking to beautify your home inside and out? Look no further than Greeley Window Company!

What better way to add curb appeal all while increasing the value of your home than with new windows and doors? We love putting smiles on people’s faces when they see how new their homes look when we have finished installing a new window or replacing a door.

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A Full Service Windows & Doors Company

Greeley Window Company is brought to you by Liminal Windows to provide you with the best possible service on anything that has to do with the exterior of your home. This includes windows and doors, and we look forward to putting not only the best product in your home, but also providing the best customer service possible.

Greeley Window Company puts the customer first. Always.

From the moment you first call about having new windows put in or door replacement, our customer service shines through by listening to you and treating you like royalty!

Greeley Window Company offers a variety of services that include:

Our experts are well trained and highly knowledgeable when it comes to window replacement, and always take great care while in your home.

​No matter what you are looking for in new windows or door replacement, our experts will partner with you to navigate the options and make sure that we remain the affordable window company near you throughout the entire process!

To begin your relationship with the best window company in Greeley, call us today!

Professional Window Installation and Replacement

Window installation is not a task to DIY, no matter what you might have read!

An improperly installed window can lead to lost insulation contributing to higher energy bills, the entry of water and moisture which can lead to hazardous mold and much more! With all of the things that can go wrong with a bad window install it just makes sense to call on a professional window installation company that knows how to do it right; Greeley Window Company!

Looking to change or update an existing window? You have come to the right place! Our team of expert window installers have years of experience and can help to give your house a face-lift with new windows like a bay window, casement windows, bow windows, picture windows and much more.

The window types we offer are among the best in the US and include fiberglass windows, wood windows, vinyl windows and many others. Having us install new windows like a double hung window, fiberglass window or any other of our many options will save you money and bring new life to your home!

We are a top rated window company in Greeley and enjoy a reputation of integrity, affordability and customer service that has our customers referring their friends and neighbors.

Professional Door Installation and Replacement

Looking for a new exterior door that will help your home to stand out and be secure at the same time? Greeley Window Company is the best exterior door replacement and installation contractor near you!

​We offer tons of options when it comes to the style of your patio. Greeley Window Company can replace any exterior door, whether you are looking for robust french doors or an elegant sliding door for your backyard or auxiliary entrance. For door replacement, we make sure that the task is completed with precision both to help with energy savings through a proper seal and to avoid issues as your home naturally shifts over time.

From a secure and beautiful French door to a sliding patio door granting you and your family and guests access to and from your backyard barbecue, exterior doors are a big part of your home. Our door replacement and door installation experts are the best of the best. Hinged patio doors, custom doors, French doors, sliding doors and more; no matter what your desires are for a new door, we can fulfill them.

The Best Window Replacement Company in Greeley CO

We are a local window company with a difference!

It seems like everywhere you go you never deal with a local expert. Outsourced national call centers make you wait, and when you do get to speak with someone they aren’t the experts to answer your questions about window installation or door replacement.

What you need is a local window company with professionals you can speak with without having to play international phone tag (which sounds like a game but is not fun) with multiple people to have your needs met. Greeley Window Company is a local window and door company that exceeds expectations by simply treating our community like we care about everyone in it (because we do!).

We understand that to be successful in anything means being a giver first. To that end, Greeley Window Company desires to be a resource for our community and all of the areas that we serve. We have worked with numerous contractors over the years and can refer you to the one you may have a need for no matter what it is.

It’s just one more way that we stand apart from other window companies near you.When it comes to your home and your family, nothing short of the best will do, which is why at Greeley Window Company we strive to exceed your expectations.

Some things to consider when looking for a professional window and door company are:

  • Affordability: We search the market for the best windows, doors, and related materials and pass what we save onto our customers. Our methods also allow us to be incredibly efficient which means we spend less in labor per job and are priced to be competitive. Saving money on windows and doors means more for your family and future, and with energy efficient windows, the savings continue year round!
  • Craftsmanship: As with anything that deals with your home, great craftsmanship matters. This is so true in the case of windows and doors. As portals to the outside of your home, making sure that your window installation stands the test of time is important. Our window installation and door replacement teams are very skilled and take a detailed approach to everything they do. We fully warranty our work and stand by the entire process with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Customer Service: Being treated like a work order number never leads to a great experience, least of all when you are trusting a company to be inside of your home! Greeley Window Company believes in putting our customers first; from the first call to the follow-up and beyond! No matter what your concerns or questions may be, we will do our utmost to educate you and explain everything before we move forward!

  • Options to Fit Every Style: Greeley Window Company offers a wide variety of products like decorative carved wooden doors, pre-hung windows, fiberglass windows, casement windows, sliding patio doors, French doors, awning windows; you name it we can do it! If you are looking to update your home, increase the curbside appeal or save money, give us call!

Installing Energy Efficient Windows

Do your heating and cooling bills seem to be too high? Energy efficient windows may be the answer!

Energy efficient windows installed by the experts at Greeley Window Company can help you save hundreds of dollars per year. During your free in-home inspection and consultation, our professional will test your windows to determine if any lack of window seal is leading to energy loss. Depending on our findings (and typically the age of your home plays an important role) we can address the issue and install energy efficient windows to not only curb the loss but potentially give your home better insulation than it has ever had before.

Saving money on your energy bill means that the savings alone will pay for the new windows over time. Sounds great doesn’t it? The savings don’t stop there!

Did you know that you can receive a tax reduction when you install energy star rated windows? The energy star program (which includes other things like appliances, for example) is designed to give homeowners an incentive to reduce their energy consumption by providing tax incentives to those who purchase the items that use the least energy.

Energy Star rated windows can give you a tax break year after year, and all you have to do is have Greeley Window Company install them, sit back and enjoy. To see how much you stand to save with affordable energy efficient windows, give us a call today for a free in-home estimate!

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Our business thrives on the referrals of our satisfied customers, so making sure that we wow you isn’t just a good thing to do; our future depends on it! Being a top rated window company doesn’t happen overnight, and is the result of making good on our promises and doing everything right the first time around!

You can rest knowing that whether you need to have us install pre hung windows, replace an exterior door or change out a picture window for a bow window, we will do so like the local professionals we are.

When you are ready for a new window or door replacement, Greeley Window Company are the experts to call!