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Did you know you can call Greeley Window Company for door replacement? You can!

Are you considering replacing your door with a larger one to open up a room or to allow for easier access in your later years? Replacing a standard sized door with a larger one not only creates more space but also makes mobility that much easier for those with concerns.

Greeley Window Company does door replacements too!

Are you looking for a new door, maybe a new look? We can help! Whatever your choice, Greeley Window Company can help to turn your vision into a reality!

Replacing a French Door

Replacing a French door requires skill and care to do right!

Because French doors come in pairs and must be equally matched in position, precision when hanging a French door is critical! This is important not just for keeping the outdoors outside (though obviously that is important) but for insulation as well.

A pair of French doors with gaps not only won’t function as they should but will cause an increase in your energy output as well!

To ensure that your French door replacement is done right the first time, call on the experience and precision of Greeley Window Company!

Replacing a Sliding Door

Whether an exterior door like a sliding patio door or an interior door such as one for a closet, Greeley Window Company will help you with door replacement!

We can order and install an identical version of your existing door, or help you to choose a door replacement that fits your current style and budget!

A sliding door that isn’t working properly is an inconvenience at best and a potential fire hazard at worst, but with the help of the door replacement team at Greeley Window Company it doesn’t have to be!

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Time to replace an Interior Door?

Interior door replacement doesn’t have to be a pain; call Greeley Window Company to take care of it for you!

At some point in our lives, we have all had that one door that won’t open all the way or is otherwise difficult to deal with. Your need for interior door replacement may be due to it not being hung right in the first place!

The height of your carpet and other factors can affect your interior doors ability to open and close freely, as well as by damage caused (we call them “children”) from everyday life.

Consider, if possible, replacing your interior door with a larger one like a French door. This will open up your home in ways you never thought possible!

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