Greeley French Door Installation

French Doors That Will Improve the Look of Any Home in Greeley, Colorado!

French doors are the double doors that people get when appearances matter and are typically a huge selling feature of any house for sale in Greeley, Colorado.

Anyone who’s ever gone shopping for a house here in Greeley knows that any retailer that takes you to a house with French doors will mention them at least three times.  That’s because those French doors are a small detail that many people today use to upscale their house on the market.  They’re considered more part of the decoration than as actual doors.

French doors are defined by having windows built into almost the full length of the door.  Similar to sliding doors they let a lot of natural light into the home.  Some homes in Colorado even have French doors connecting the master bedroom to the back porch.

They don’t offer nearly as much privacy as normal entry doors, and that’s why you’ll usually see them used as porch doors instead so that people driving by can’t see into their home.  They’re a great alternative to sliding doors for those who simply don’t like the look of them.

For those who’re interested our window company has a vast number of French doors available to match any home.  Our experts at Greeley Window Company will discuss with you what you want out of your French doors to help narrow the options, and find something that you’ll be happy with for many years.  From security, budget, the material they’re made out of, color, and even how the rest of your house here in Greeley is themed.

Our estimates are always free, and very affordable in comparison to other local companies in the area.  If you approve our estimate, we’ll get you scheduled to install your French doors as soon as possible at a time that’s convenient for you.  Whether they’re meant to be replacement doors or an entirely new installation inside of your household, you’ll be surprised how quickly our experts can have your new French doors installed for you.

At Greeley Window Company, we respect our neighbor’s homes here in Greeley, Colorado.  That means after our employees are done installing your brand new French doors, we clean up after ourselves.  Our window company makes sure that the only new thing in your home is your French doors, not a pile of crushed drywall, or trail of muddy boot prints.The best part about getting those new French doors is that you don’t have to do any of the work yourself.  Greeley Window Company keeps our phone lines open to answer any questions you may have and to get you started on your estimate.  All it takes is a simple phone call – try it for yourself today! 


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