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Fiberglass windows are the flagship of windows.

Simply the best windows currently out on the market for our neighbors here in Greeley are the incredibly tough fiberglass windows.

Fiberglass is a product that is made of very many small fibers of glass that’s pulled off of spools through a process known as “pultrusion.”  During this process it’s covered in a resin, heat treated, pulled through a dye, and then compressed into the fiberglass windows we use today.

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Not only is this a very tough substance, but when fiberglass windows are made they leave a hollow gap inside.  Unlike wood windows that are solid all the way through, fiberglass windows intentionally have that hollow space so that the professional installer can fill it with insulation.  That insulation is something that’ll make an immense difference during both Colorado summers, and the freezing winters when you’re trying to keep your house warm.

Another important factor to retain the heat in your home is the seals that make your windows as air-tight as possible.  All windows, unfortunately, tend to break that seal over time as they both contract, and expand due to temperature changes.  It’s invisible to the naked eye, and just about every substance is subject to it including your concrete driveway.  The severity is dependent on the material your windows are made out of, and in this case fiberglass windows take the first place medal again!

Since the base material for fiberglass windows is indeed glass, the entire window has been observed to contract and expand together.  It’s been proven that because of this, the seals on the window tend to last a lot longer. 

These windows also have another unique factor, and that’s the fact they are easily paintable.  On wood windows, you would have to remove the old paint first, and vinyl windows can’t be painted on at all.  Due to their appearance, fiberglass windows aren’t typically recommended for vintage homes, but can be painted to look like wood if the homeowner really wants them to. 

As long as there is a paint available for it, fiberglass windows give you free reign to make them any color and artistic design you wish to match the rest of your property.  Even better, you can always paint them multiple times with ease just in case you change your mind later down the road.

The one drawback that keeps them from being the most prevalent set of windows on the market is the fact that fiberglass windows are also the most expensive. Fiberglass windows are great if want it to be a highlight while selling your home, or you want something that’s going to last for a very long time.

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